While viewing the photos pay attention to the time froperation date. It is of crucial importance to estimate the result. The general rule is that post-operation changes last 6-12 months. Be critical when estimating operation results found on the Internet with no time reference: you can be misled about potentials of a certain operation method in the long term. With the informative purposes, short term result photos are posted here. From my point of view this is how correspondent areas look after certain operations. Pay special attention to the quality of scars. They are prone to changes up to 1-1.5 years.

Not all operation results are consequences of the ideal choice of the operation method from the surgeon’s point of view. For example, sometimes breast lift combined with augmentation instead of breast augmentation alone is indicated to achieve optimal result, however the patient rejects the surgeon’s choice for fear of additional trauma, dislike of the scar, longer-lasting anaesthesia and etc. In that case the choice of the operation method is a compromise between the surgeon’s and patient’s opinions.